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Digital learning

What is

The online school, like a state school, offers lessons according to the curriculum in the subjects of math, German and English. The number of hours per week at the online school is the same as at a state school. The online school is a supplement to the state school and does not replace the German compulsory education. However, in many cases it offers a good supplement to the state school, namely when a child cannot attend the face-to-face classes for a longer period of time due to personal or health reasons. To avoid gaps in the main subjects when learning from home, the student can attend the online school.

The offer is coordinated in such a way that, due to the low number of hours, students can still complete any homeschooling tasks that may arise at their state school. The problem of the students who are in homeschooling for a longer period of time due to illness is that materials are often not sent at all or only inadequately, some students do not receive any teaching materials at all. In addition, all of these students have the problem of not having the new subject matter explained to them because they are not present at school. The task of the online school is to close these gaps and to ensure continuous teaching through video conferencing and digital learning.

Individual lessons in small groups

Online classes at the online school take place in small groups of 3 to 10 students. The advantage of these small groups is that our teachers can respond to all questions very personally. Facts can be explained to individual students in detail and individually, which guarantees a very good learning progress. Our teachers have a lot of professional experience and can explain the subject matter in homeschooling in a simple and understandable way. They deal with the students in a friendly and caring way, even private and personal issues are not neglected! Due to the small group size, high standards can be set in online learning, and at the same time the learning material remains understandable for the students.

What subjects do we teach?

Only the main subjects: Math, German and English in the 5th to 8th grade. The lessons are taught according to the curricula for the lower secondary level of the Hessian and Baden- Württemberg Ministries of Education for the respective classes in the main subjects (see the corresponding links printed on the next page).

What does our schedule look like?

Online classes are held in the morning, usually between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. There are 3 to 4 school days, with the rest of the week available for homework or assignments from the state school. The weekly teaching time is 4 hours per week in each subject, divided into 2 double lessons of 45 minutes each. Online classes are held via Skype or, depending on class size, via Zoom, as determined by the schedule, and are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. (The schedule shown here is only an example and may not correspond to reality).

What materials does my child need?


There are also grades in online school, just like in a state school. The following performances are included in the evaluation:

All 5 areas are included in the evaluation in equal parts. At the end of each semester, the online school will issue a report card for each student based on the above assessment basis.

Legal requirements for attending the online school with regard to the current situation

Federal states without compulsory attendance:

Due to the homeschooling measures, compulsory attendance was abolished in all federal states in 2020, but school attendance was still compulsory. From September 2021, however, compulsory attendance was reintroduced in some federal states, e.g. Saxony-Anhalt. In federal states without compulsory attendance, in many cases a written excuse from the parents without giving reasons or the completion of a deregistration form from lessons is sufficient.

States with compulsory attendance:

In this case, a doctor’s certificate is required to cancel the attendance class. Students who cannot attend the face-to-face classes for a longer period of time due to illness or personal reasons will be informed by us online. Our offer is also directed to all students who live in the house with a risk group and are therefore not allowed to attend school. Children who have been de-registered in Germany and are staying abroad, or children whose residence status has not yet been clearly clarified, may also attend the online school. More info about the underlying framework without current reference can be found in the next paragraph.

Compulsory attendance and schooling

In the context of the current situation, compulsory attendance was suspended in all states to allow students to homeschool. Since then, compulsory attendance has been reintroduced in some federal states. In some federal states, compulsory attendance is still suspended; in these cases, a written excuse from the parents stating the reason is sufficient to exempt the student from compulsory attendance. In all other federal states, a medical certificate is required as an exemption from attendance classes.

Students who are abroad are not subject to compulsory education in Germany and can therefore also attend the online school.

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Another possibility for attending the online school arises from a sabbatical year, for example, when a family wants to travel for 1 year. I myself have already met a family who went on a trip around the world and who, in conversation with the principal of their state school, obtained a sabbatical year for their child. However, this has to be clarified in a personal conversation with the principal in each individual case. Unfortunately, I cannot give any information about legal requirements for a sabbatical year. A few years ago, on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean, I also met a family with 2 children who were sailing around the world. Both children were exempt from compulsory education for the period of the trip and used the online offer of an international school.

German compulsory education is also suspended if a family has an unclear residence status or if the children are deregistered in Germany.


How much does the online school cost?

1 Main compartment

Math, English and German
  • 4 hours per week
  • Flexible
  • Cancellable monthly

3 Main compartments

Math, English and German
  • 10 hours per week
  • Flexible
  • Cancellable monthly
Bester Preis

German course

  • 4 hours per week
  • Flexible
  • Cancellable monthly